Curriculum Principles

The curriculum aims to help pupils to acquire knowledge and skills and develop positive attitudes in preparation for future learning, a fulfilling adult life and employment. It is designed to provide progression and continuity. Lessons are structured in such a way as to give a balance of learning opportunities in a wide range of subjects and in aspects such as Personal, Social, Cultural and Health Education.

The subjects taught are English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music, P.E., Languages and Design Technology. Religious Education is taught in line with the West Sussex Agreed Syllabus. The school has always given English and Mathematics a high priority and the importance of these subjects is emphasised in cross curricular work.

A carefully structured but flexible approach to the child’s individual needs will be established by means of small group work, individual, and whole class teaching as appropriate to the task and ability of the child.

Homework is an element of the curriculum and is set for all children. For guidance on what is expected from the school and parents of each age group, please refer to the Homework Policy. We believe it is absolutely vital that you are able to support your child in this work as it helps to establish the partnership between home and school and it reinforces the fact that the learning process is continuous. You are, after all, the first and most effective teacher of your child.

The school’s Teaching and Learning Policy details the key principles behind the school’s approach to teaching and learning and a copy of the policy is made available to all new parents

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