The general behaviour of pupils is a matter of great importance in the running of the school and to the well-being of the community. Qualities of honesty, kindness and fair dealing are constantly encouraged whilst politeness and thought for others are regarded as the basis of relationships between pupils and teachers. Children are expected to be responsive to discipline and to observe school rules and parents are consulted at an early stage when a pupil's behaviour causes concern.
The following thoughts and principles were drawn up in consultation with the children. Some apply just as much to the adults in the school as to the children.
a) We think our school rules should be based upon care, consideration and thought for other people.
b) We believe we should always try to do our best to behave in ways which will not cause harm or nuisance to anyone or anything else and be of benefit to everyone, including ourselves.

1. Always try to do our best and work our hardest.
2. Always treat other people kindly and politely.
3. Always walk about the school quietly and thoughtfully.
4. Always play sensibly and carefully.
5. Always do as we are asked by a teacher or supervisor.
6. Always think about what we do and say.

A detailed Code of Conduct is available for all parents - download it HERE.

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