Our Approach to the Teaching of Phonics and Use of Reading Schemes

 Our Approach to the Teaching of Phonics and Use of Reading Schemes We passionately believe that learning to read should be an exciting and meaningful experience. This means that children need to be taught to read through skilful teaching using methods appropriate to the child’s needs. At Thorney Island Community Primary School we have a structured approach to both the teaching of phonics and reading used throughout the school.

Synthetic phonics is taught initially through Jolly Phonics which uses a Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic approach and then by using Letter and Sounds. This sets out a detailed systematic programme for teaching phonic skills over 6 overlapping phases. There are half termly checks on phonic knowledge which informs the next step in learning for each child. Phonic lessons are taught at least 4 times a week in KS1 and when appropriate in KS2 using many different approaches.

We have a large selection of books from a wide range of reading schemes e.g. Oxford Reading Tree (O.R.T.) and Collins Big Cats banded into colours for the children to select from, alongside class libraries from which the children select books to share at home. As the children’s reading develops they move to selecting their own choice of books. Books are shared in lessons across all Key Stages to foster pleasure in reading.

Reading ages and comprehension skills are assessed regularly and if a child is considered to not be progressing, parents are informed and a range of intervention strategies are put into place with regular monitoring to check progress.        


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