English  (Core Subject) 

English is a fundamental skill in children’s lives as well as a building block for future learning in other areas of the curriculum. Children are provided with a high-quality English education that enables them to become better communicators as well as fostering a lifelong love of reading.

Reading for pleasure is celebrated and encouraged in a number of ways including: peer reading, awarding reading certificates in celebration assemblies and through events such as Books at Bedtime and World Book Day where children take part in activities around a favourite book.

Phonics is taught in EYFS and KS1 using the Monster Phonics scheme which uses engaging monster characters and colour coded words to help the children unlock the phonetic code. Children are given phonetically decodable books to practice and apply the skills they have learnt at home. In KS2 reading is taught through regular guided reading sessions which focus on developing comprehension using high quality texts. 

Writing is delivered creatively and linked to other areas of the curriculum based on the topic the children are learning. Children are taught the writing skills they need and how to apply them in a range of contexts based around high quality texts. Children regularly write for different purposes for example writing a letter from Goldilocks to apologise to the bears. Writing is celebrated through creative displays. 

Speaking, listening and drama is at the heverything we do. Children regularly use role-play to understand a story or character and take part in many speaking and listening activities such as holding a class debate when writing a persuasive argument or reading and performing


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