We strongly believe that computing should be used to support the full range of the curriculum, wherever it is beneficial, using technology to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information responsibly and creatively.

Children learn how to employ technology to enable rapid access to ideas and experiences from the internet. We subscribe to a variety of learning platforms that enables individual teachers to personalise the learning in their class and which act as a resource bank for games, homework assignments and quizzes all of which support learning in school.

Each class is equipped with a minimum of; an interactive whiteboard, a digital camera and 6 laptops or desktop computers.  A bank of 30 laptop computers and 32 iPads are also available to be used by the children across the school when needed.  These are used to support and evaluate a range of learning in all subjects as well being used to deliver the core computing curriculum such as programing and digital literacy.

Parents have access to a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy and are required to sign an agreement confirming their acceptance of the policy and giving permission for their child to make use of the internet in school.  Children are also taught to use the internet responsibly and to stay safe whilst on line.






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