At Thorney Island School we are acutely aware of the import role that technology plays in many aspects of the children’s lives, both at home and at school. We are also aware of how quickly technology develops and changes; the benefits and problems that technology can cause; and the importance of teaching children the computing skills and computation thinking skills that will be required in the workplace in the future.

As a result of this, across Key Stages 1 and 2 we discreetly teach the following strands of computing:

           Computer Science (using programs such as Scratch, Scratch Jr)

           IT (where the children are taught how to effectively use a variety of programs both on laptops and iPads including: Book Creator; PowerPoint; Excel)

           Digital Literacy (where the children are taught about common uses of IT within and outside of school; and how networks, including the internet, work. Another important part of Digital Literacy is E-Safety which is taught to each year group and focusses on keeping the children safe in a rapidly changing digital world. (These lessons often link in to the PSHE curriculum)

In EYFS, computing does not form part of the statutory framework, but children are still exposed to a wide range of different technologies (including computers, iPads and Bee-Bots) as well as learning vital e-safety lessons. 

The use of technology is threaded through everyday life at the school and across all areas of the curriculum. Each class has access to class sets of laptops and iPads which can be used for Computing lessons and a wide range of other subjects. Where possible, we highlight to parents useful websites and apps that can support the children’s learning at home, as well as giving the children access to these within the classroom. 

We use SeeSaw as our home-learning platform across Key Stages 1 and 2 and Tapestry in EYFS. This allows parents to see some of the work that the children have been doing as well as enabling the children to upload work that they have done at home.






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