All enquiries regarding admissions to Thorney Island School should be made via the West Sussex Admissions Office in Worthing, however, please feel free to contact the school if you have any concerns or questions. We welcome and encourage all prospective pupils and parents to visit our school.

From September 2011, parents were given the right to choose when their child starts full time at school during an academic year. Legally, children only have to start school the term following their fifth birthday. Each child is an individual and some cope better with starting school than others. A phased approach may be far better for some children. Adult to pupil ratios are far lower in schools than in nurseries so children do need to have a high level of independence if they are to enjoy and succeed at school.

The school’s standard admission number is 30 pupils for each year group.

Occasionally year groups will be larger than this and the LA will make every effort to admit all pupils who live in the designated area (Thorney Island) and whose parents wish them to attend Thorney Island School.


Meetings with parents of children who will be joining the Early Years Foundation Stage Class at the beginning of the school year are held in advance of the date of admission so that general information about the school can be made available.  Parents can then have the opportunity to observe the school in session and discuss issues with the Headteacher, while their children are invited to meet the teacher and

to join in various activities. The school is open to all children from the local area, both able-bodied and disabled and, as the building is of a single storey design, access for the physically disabled is not a significant problem.  A separate document is available setting out the Authority’s policy and arrangements for admission to its schools, including transfer between schools, and general provision of primary and secondary education. This document may be obtained, free of charge, from the Education Department, County Hall or schools maintained by the Authority.  It is also available for reference in public libraries throughout the county.

The address of the Admissions Office is Admissions Team, Education Office, Centenary House, Durrington Lane, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 2QB; telephone number 01903 270252.

West Sussex Admission Procedure:


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