Physical Education (Foundation)  

The school offers a varied programme of P.E. activities.  Educational Dance and Drama is recognised as an important tool for children’s personal development, affording opportunities for self-expression and control, and establishing confidence and co-operation within a group.  Co-operation is fostered further by participating in team games such as football, netball or hockey.  Opportunities to participate in athletics and gymnastics aim to extend the range of children’s physical control and skill.  As a result of the programme they are helped to become more skilful and encouraged to enjoy that element of competition where they match their skills and competence against others or against their own levels of performance.

 Lunchtimes are also a time when our Playground Activity Leaders (P.A.L’s) have an opportunity to set up and run games for the younger children. This develops the leadership skills of the older children and the physical skills of the younger children. We also enjoy a traditional Sports Day which is fully supported by parents, other family members as well as the wider community.




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