Year Group Organisation

Next year the school will have eight classes for children aged from 4 to 11 years old. For the academic year 2023/2024 it is hoped classes will be organised as follows – Owl Class for Year R, Osprey Class for Year 1, Falcon Class for Year 2, Kestrel Class for Year 3, Merlin Class and Raven Class for Year 4, Hawk Class for Year 5 and Eagle Class for Year 6. Occasionally, to maintain classes of equal size and to accommodate all those that wish to attend our school, we have to have some mixed year group classes.

Along with nine classrooms, the building includes a Hall that is used as a dining room, for assemblies, P.E. and drama, as well as a Library and Food Technology area. In addition, there are sufficient cloakrooms and toilet facilities and administrative accommodation. The school grounds are constantly being developed with several hard-surfaced play areas, an adventure playground, a climbing wall, a quiet garden, an all-weather ‘Daily Mile’ track and a large field which is used for a variety of sporting and recreational activities throughout the year, as well as for part of the school’s environmental studies programme.


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